I Salute YOU

Ever festive, always creative                                                                                                          
Sowing, sprouting, flowering and bearing fruits
Nature is full of life every moment you blink!
Seasons change, march with pride
Full of colors,chirps of birds, melody of breeze
Warmth of sun, coolness of moon
how did you create all these?
Emotions overflow from the depth of heart,
Golden sprouts from the womb of green
Sprinkle of colors everywhere on earth!
Natures' crown- snow clad mountains
Resources for life- Waterfalls, springs
Running rivers and ponds
How did you create all these?  

You kept earth beside the sea
Spread the sky as roof without any pillars
Left the animals and birds to enjoy nature
Created people with emotions to rule
Colorful fishes to brighten the scary depth!
Beautiful butterflies to fly everywhere
All are your creations but nothing alike!
How did you create so many varieties?

Heat of sun in the day
Coolness of moon at night
Twinkling stars in the dark sky
Lines of lightening in the midst of clouds
No scarcity for light, so much to spare
But you forgot to keep a star in every heart
You sent to this dark world,
Why did you forget  this?

Kept Eve with Adam
Filled their heart with love and desires
Brought them together with the power of love
Encouraged procreation. You said
Love rules the world.You are the God of love
But you  added a drop of hatred in everyone's blood
Why did you do this?

Patience of the earth, fickleness of the waves
Liveliness of the wind, oneness of the sky,
Nature is a teacher, You are the dictator!
We are the pawns in your hand
Dancing to your tunes.
But Why hatred and pain everywhere
Why scarcity of peace in this world?

Your resources are abundant,
Silent emotions but full of different shades;
Your art work is always in progress.
Entire Universe is your canvas,
So vast, so deep and so clear!
You are an invisible artist!
You are the creator, We have no right to question
You are the beholder you carry the universe.

You rule the world you are everywhere
Oh God,
You are the creator, you are the mentor
You are the destroyer.
But how are you? where  are you?

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